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Land for investment or area for sale

Climax Real Estate Investments specializes in locating, initiating, improving private land and accompanying investors in the purchase of land in the settlement processes in demand areas in the center of the country.

Climax Real Estate enjoys a great reputation thanks to its professionalism and reliability and has a database of loyal and regular customers who purchase land as part of the company’s many projects. The group’s investors are represented by leading real estate law firms with extensive experience in sharing agreements, organizing purchase groups and trust accounts

Selected Projects

The Orange Trail Project
TAMA 70 in Rishon Lezion
West Kiryat Ata project
Sobb Hadassah Ein Kerem Jerusalem
Mount 1202 Hod Hasharon Project
A city of Hadera days


ניצן גושן

מקצועיות, ערך

Lena Muchnik

איכות, מהירות תגובה, מקצועיות, ערך צוות מקצועי מאוד, קשוב ועוזר בהתלבטויות.. יודע להתאים פתרון לכל לקוח, מומלץ מאוד

Michael K

אחלה שירות. אוירה משפחתית.

אורי עקרוני

חיובית: איכות, מקצועיות, ערך מקצועיות גבוהה. שרות מדהים תשואה גבוהה להשקעה ממליץ בחום!

ליאורה דוד

מאוד מרוצה מהמקצועיות של החברה. ליווי מקצועי לאורך כל הדרך.

Shahar Levi

תודה לדביר וצוות המשרד על מענה וליווי מקצועי .

רון נחמני

הגעתי דרך פרסום בפייסבוק. התרשמתי לטובה מהמקצועיות של צוות המשרד. מספקים את כל המידע הדרוש בשקיפות מוחלטת!

סיגל בלסיאנו

למש' קליימקס ומשרד עוה"ד שובלי , תודה על הסבלנות, הקשבה, ובעיקר על ההבנה, היכולת לשים את הלקוח לפני כל דבר אחר מהפגישה הראשונה ולאורך כל התהליך, אנשים כמוכם ושירות כזה נדיר היום למצוא, אז תודה רבה דביר, אסף, תומר ופרדי צוות מנצח, מעריכים ומוקירים סיגל ויובל בלסיאנו

‎אילן טבצניק

מיקצוענים, יש להם מגוון אופציות להשקה בנדלן מהטובות בארץ, אסור לפספס

Doron Lasky

חברה אנושית ומקצועית. רכשתי דרכם קרקע, קיבלתי את כלל הפרטים ללא יוצא מן הכלל, אנשים ישרים מאוד. ממליץ בחום

Galit Hrael

רכשתי דרך החברה קרקע בקרית אתא. נפגשתי עם אנשים מקצועיים, אמינים, בעלי ידע רחב והיכרות מעמיקה עם התחום, אדיבים ומעל הכל אנושיים. מבחינתי התחלנו דרך יחד. מאחלת לכולנו הצלחה ושגשוג. תודה על הכל. גלית

Looking for land or real estate for investment?

Looking for land or real estate for investment?

Land for investment

Investments in real estate are a great investment solution. You can invest and purchase land or property, one whose current price is relatively low, but a sharp increase in the value of the property is expected. Sell ​​the property and earn on the transaction the price differences and the property’s value increases.

the land and the expectation of a price increase

Buying land is complex, even more so than buying any other property. This is for the simple reason that although the price of the land is often low depending on the taboo and the current designation of the land, there may be significant increases in the value of the land. This is in accordance with the changes that will occur over the years. For example, there were quite a few lands in Israel that were offered for investment, while after a not long period they were allowed for construction. The buyers who knew how to buy in time, today enjoy very significant margins. But not every land that is offered for sale will indeed receive the approvals and one day be suitable for construction. The meaning of these things is that there are lands whose value will not skyrocket, and investing in them is not worthwhile and absolutely not recommended!

Buy land – wisely and responsibly

Buying land for investment is a step that must be done wisely and with great responsibility. This is to be sure that the price for the land is reasonable, to ensure that the land will indeed go through official processes that will allow buildings to be built on top of it, which will result in a dramatic increase in its value. Because agricultural land that has no prospect of thawing is often not a smart investment. That is, the investors who pay for the land in the hope that it will increase, may be disappointed and find that the land is not a candidate for construction and that its value does not increase as they so hoped…

Climax real estate for your investment

We invite you to receive a very professional and responsible response in all investment matters and the purchase of land for investment. We work responsibly and professionally. We market premium land, after a thorough inspection and verification that the land is expected to increase in price and value.

This is how you will also profit from real estate transactions and the purchase of land for investment!

Investment Property

Many investors know that a safe and profitable investment is in the world of real estate.

In a frenetic world as we know it today, a world where initiatives are emerging, in an era where everyone wants to earn even more money from their capital, and generate passive income for themselves – there is an island of relative stability and security compared to all existing investments. Real estate maintains its value in almost any situation. It remains useful, needed and very valuable.

Invest in real estate – how to work smart?

So you have decided that investing in real estate is the smartest and most appropriate step. The question is, how do you work correctly? How do you locate the right property? How do you check that the property is worth it, worthwhile, valuable, and has the potential for improvement? This is where investors may fall and make mistakes. In fact, there are quite a few investors who have already made their mistake and purchased a property without checking in depth and without making sure that the property they are purchasing is worthwhile, equal and profitable.

Relevant tests regarding the value of the property

If so, in order to be sure that you are purchasing real estate for investment wisely, it is important to check various data regarding the property. This is the only way to make sure that you are about to sign a purchase contract for a property that has value and value. The reference in your checks will be in relation to the location of the property and the current demand for it, changes In the area and the estimated expectation, the size of the property, its condition and the possibility to generate profits from it in its current state, the possibility to expand / renovate and more.

How much can be earned from the actual property?

There are real estate properties that have an aura and promises around them. Yield percentages are inflated and tempting numbers. But it is never right to fall in the face of such facts. In order to make a smart purchase, one must perform the tests thoroughly and without compromise. The test will include reference to the supply and demand of properties like yours in the area in question, to the price that can actually be obtained in the field – how much do tenants pay in the end? to the quality of the residents and the payment ethics and other additional data.

A professional company accompanies the purchase

When there is a professional real estate company that accompanies your purchase, you can be more relaxed. Because the company conducts the inspections and commissions to offer its customers profitable and truly viable real estate offers. The Climax Real Estate Company has gained a reputation and will also accompany you in purchasing a property with security, peace and success!

We have the most advanced land in Israel And it's just before the price increase!
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